Meet “Doc”


Hello and welcome! I’m Dr. Shari Shaw, AKA “Doc,” and I am a success coach, management psychologist, and instructor at Grand Canyon University. For years I did what I could to make myself small because I did not want to be noticed. I felt worthless and tried to be as invisible as possible. In addition, I avoided public events, refused invitations or found reasons not to go, and found dark, dusty corners to sit in when I did go. Further, I shut down emotionally because I thought that I did not deserve to be happy. I spent years not caring if I was happy, because I believed I didn’t matter and to me, it didn’t. ‘Happy’ was not even on my radar.

I was angry, miserable, felt worthless, undeserving, and wanted to crawl in a hole and be left alone. And I was alone… and lonely. Years of blaming others for how I felt and searching for a way to end the pain, led to nothing but anguish and heartache. But then, 19 years ago, I sought help and slowly, sometimes excruciatingly slowly, I began to find my way out of that dark place I had created. As the anger dissipated it was largely replaced with nothingness – no emotion, just nothing.

Now I know that the way we think can be damaging to who we are. Our thoughts do not define us. We define us! Do not take 19 years to fully emerge and find your way to a more productive, fulfilling, and happy life. It will take time, of course, to find your way, but it does not have to take nearly two decades!

Today I embrace the path that brought me here. It was my journey, and while I wish things had been different, and that I had not spent so much time in despair, I have no regrets. I think it is necessary to go through the fire in order to be fortified. I love where I’m at, who I am, and I now face life renewed and courageous, eager for what lies around the next corner! I am, finally, authentic, peaceful and free!

Education and Training:

PhD, Organizational Psychology, Capella University

MS, Organizational Psychology, Walden University, 2009

BS, Math Education, University of Wyoming, 1993

BS, Research Psychology, University of Wyoming, 1989

Core Essentials Program, Coach U, graduate 2010


APA – American Psychological Association

APAGS – American Psychological Association for Graduate Students

SIOP – Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists

IPPA – International Positive Psychology Association


Meditation, family, fitness, philosophy, yoga, Pilates, weightlifting, reading, people, education, listening to my sons, photography and graphic arts design, writing, psychological research, the Russian language and culture, and anything my kids are doing.

“Don’t let the best you have done so far be the standard for the rest of your life.” G. F. Swift



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