Sometimes all Doors Lead to the Same Place: Getting What You Want

It’s cold and snowing here today. We have two cats who we keep inside because we have a cat-hating neighbor who will trap them if we let them out, but when it’s cold we sometimes let them out because they will usually come right back in. Today, Thumbs, the girl kitty, wanted out and then was quite displeased with the result (see the picture?). So I opened the back door and let her in but rather than curling up in a nice warm spot she went straight to the front door and wanted out. Unknown to her we have the same weather in both the front and back yard.


She was clear on what she wanted: To go outside. She was not clear on the fact that it didn’t matter what door she used, she would end up in the same outside with the same weather. So it is with going after what you want. It is important to realize that sometimes all the doors lead to the same place. Just because it is a different door in a different location, it does not mean it will lead you to a different place. Using a different door also does not mean you will get what you want.

Maybe a better way to say it is that sometimes you have to do more than try a different door if you want a different result. Something has to change in order for things to change. In the cat situation, the weather was obviously not going to change, but if she had opposable thumbs – that’s funny because her name is ‘Thumbs’ – she could put on a jacket or some little boots or something. That way, even if the door led to the same place, she could at least stay outside longer. No coat -> coat. Change.

So what does all of this have to do with getting what you want? Well, you might think you are trying something new when in reality all you are doing is trying a different door in the same house that will lead to the same environment [outside]. And lucky for you, you are smarter than a cat (I’m guessing) and you know that you have to do more than try the front door if you don’t like the weather out the back door. So when what you are doing is not getting you what you want, change something before you try again.

To illustrate, in the early 1900s there was an Australian racehorse named Phar Lap. Phar Lap was an underdog who came from impressive breeding and was purchased for a seemingly bargain price at auction. However, when the horse arrived at his new home his owner found him to be “gangly, his face was covered in warts, and he had an awkward gait.” The low-down is that training the horse in a traditional manner was found to be ineffective. Ultimately, his trainer tried some new methods that were designed to teach Phar Lap to want to win. And win he did! He raced for 4 years, won 37 of his 51 races, including 14 wins in a row, at one point he had a 32 and 3 record, and he is still known as Australia’s greatest racehorse.

Had Phar Lap’s trainer not tried a different door (i.e. different training) Phar Lap might never have developed into the horse he was. Think about what you want. Now take a look at whether you are getting closer getting what you want. If you are, great! Keep going. If you are not, maybe it’s time to do more than try a different door.

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