Set Yourself on Fire

As a coach I work with women who have the spark but who are not sure how to set themselves on fire. Of course, when you reach a certain age the difficulty becomes knowing whether you have set yourself on fire or just had a hot flash. But at any age, a spark is all it takes to ignite a fire that will change everything.

The premise for my business and the reason for the name (Spark307) is that it only takes a spark to ignite you and get you on your way. I think that most big ideas start with a tiny one – a spark. A little fuel thrown on a barely visible idea can ignite a fire-storm that will take you to places you’ve only dreamed of.


The spark is vital to the process. It is the beginning; the source of bigger things to come. For me what comes to mind is my kids on Christmas morning. One of them got a flint fire-starter to put in their camping/hunting kit. This little gadget can come in handy in survival situations if your matches are lost or wet. Being able to start a fire can make the difference between life and death. Or so they say.

My kiddos sat around for a couple of hours scratching away at the flint, sparks a-flying, trying to ignites some highly flammable material we happened to have on hand. And sparks would land and go out. A couple of times there was some smoke, and occasionally a brief flame. But from what I witnessed, if I were depending on a flint fire-starter to save my life I would survive about 30 seconds.

It can be the same with an idea or a dream. The sparks might be flying and there might be all kinds of fertile material lying around, but the fire refuses to ignite. It is at this time that I usually make my way to the kitchen looking for something chocolate. My hope is always that there is nothing, because then I have an excuse to leave my idea on the table and go out and get some goodies to drown my frustration. One thing I have learned from this is that chocolate is not a substitute for a box of matches.

Okay then, so how do you set yourself on fire? You already have the idea and some kindling, what else do you need? This is where it gets tricky, because I cannot give you the answers in a blog. The answer, or answers, can vary. It could be that you do not have the drive necessary to keep going. Maybe your determination is wavering. It could be that you have heard from someone that you are not good enough; that you will never amount to anything.

I always believe that the answers lie within you. Whatever is holding you back, keeping the fire from engulfing you, from taking off and spreading, is within you. Only you can find those answers. That is why I named my business Spark307 and that is the work that I do. My hope for you is that you will make the most of your spark. If the fire is refusing to start or refusing to spread, do not give up. Your spark and the fire it will start might be exactly what someone out there is waiting for.




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