What Do You Do When What You Do Isn’t Working?

You finally took that step. The scary one that made you hesitate for weeks, months, or years. DPP_0291You have committed – you are on your way. You are going to lose weight, get in better shape, start your own business, or go back to school. You have started… finally!

 Only now things are not going as you had planned. In fact, they aren’t going at all. You haven’t lost weight, the exercise is a struggle, you are not attracting customers to your business, and you are disinterested in your classes. Now what?

Before you give up, take a moment to reassess. How much time have you given it? People often say, “I’ve tried everything!” as they throw in the towel. But here’s the thing: people have typically given much less time or effort to their goal then they think. It can feel like a lot when you are the one putting in the effort. But have you really given it a fair shake? What have you actually tried? If you cannot answer that question, take a moment to jot down just what you have tried and how much time you gave to each effort.

So then, did you really try everything or did you become impatient waiting for the results? Every success takes time, effort, and patience. Never give up because you’ve hit a snag. If you quit, it should be because your goal is no longer a good fit for you. Look at your effort and compare it to where you thought you would be.  Does your input equal your expected output?

I encourage you to remember why you started. Be patient with the process and allow yourself to be inspired by your own effort. Your success depends on you, on your effort, and on your openness to input and help from your support system. Stretch yourself and rise to the challenge. Transcend your doubt and push through when obstacles appear. If what you are doing is not working it does not mean you should quit, it might mean you need to reassess, regroup, and start again.











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