Either find a way or make One

The other day my son and I were standing in a TV department watching one of those commercials that has tons of special effects. Red paint that runs off of a white shape and the shape becomes an apple, white “paint” that is peeled off and a woman appears, that kind of thing. I mumbled something about, “If Walt Disney was alive today think about what he could do with all this technology.” Then as an afterthought I added, “Or not. Maybe he wouldn’t do any better than everyone else since everybody’s doing it today.” My son replied, “He would find a way.”

This left me thinking, “If Disney could find a way, why can’t the rest of us?” Okay, I’m not Disney and neither are you. You and I do not possess his combination of talents, abilities, gifts, drive, ambition, creativity, perseverance and everything else that made him who he was. Nope, not even close – well, you might be close, but I’m not. You and I possess only our own unique combinations of talents, and they are unique, distinct and separate. What are you doing with yours? Have you found how far they can take you? Have you reached a maximum point of delivery?

Those footprints on the moon were made by people who didn’t believe in limits, people who rose above limits, people who found a way around, through, under, or over. Hannibal said, “We will either find a way or make one.” Are you carving a path or making camp? Are you lamenting that it’s not possible or are you finding a way through? Have you reached your limit, your capability? Are you everything you can be?

Find a place where you can go at least once a week to simply explore your strengths, a place where you can let the horse out to run. It can be your living room as long as it is quiet and you born to bewill remain undisturbed for a period of time (you decide how long). No “yeah buts” allowed, no “I can’t because.“ This is a time for possibilities. When you open your mind and spirit to possibility the result can be amazing. Later you can spend time wading through the doubts, because they are important, too (see my blog “The Glass is half-empty – and knowing that can be good for your Business”). For now, take the time to let yourself soar and discover everything in you that is waiting to find its way out.

Drop your guard, dream big and “either find a way or make one.”



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