Blog Table of Contents

3 Ways to Start Moving Again. If you get stuck and the ideas stop coming, there are things you can do to get the engine revving again.

4 Ways to Make Luck Work for You. If you believe in luck this blog will show you how to make it work for you.

5 Ways to More Effectively Reach Your Goal. I’m thinking you can guess what this one is about!

6 Ways to Know if Your ‘Try’ is what it Should Be. How to know if you tried, or if you tried.

9 Ways to Remain Strong Enough to Reach Your Goals. Self-explanatory as far as content.

Are You Busy or do You just Feel Busy? An exploration of the roll technology plays in our busyness.

Are You the Right Amount of Busy? Too busy, not busy enough or just the right amount of busy? This blog will help you find your answer.

Are You Using it All? Discusses the talent you were born with, whether it matters, and what to do if you think you got shorted on natural ability.

Bring a Light into the Darkness. A deeper look at self exploration and turning the microscope inward.

Come Out of the Shadows and Stand in the Light. Discusses the parts of yourself that you hide, whether consciously or otherwise.

Create a Wave. Reasons it is a good idea to give others a boost.

Don’t You Want to Say You Had the Guts to…? One of my personal favorites that explores choices that show up and why they matter, both now and in the future.

Easy Won’t Work. A short paragraph about why shortcuts don’t work.

Either Find a Way or Make One. Asks the question, “Are you pushing through to something better or settling for what you have?”

The First Steps to a Deeper Understanding of Self. A follow-up to a previous blog: Bring a Light into the Darkness.

How Close Are You? Discusses the thinking that you never know how close you are to success and how to decide whether to keep going or throw in the towel.

How One Thing Can Keep You from Everything Else. Explores whether you are allowing one [or more] shortcoming keep you from living the life you want.

Look so hard You Break the Mold. How do you respond when someone tells you what they really think of you? And not the good things about you, but the bad things! Read this one to understand the value of listening to what that person has to say.

Quiet the Narrative. How does that voice in your head ALWAYS seem to have something to say? And what happens if you quiet it.

Set Yourself on Fire. An explanation of my business name and more!

Sometimes all Doors Lead to the Same Place: Getting What You Want. Look closer at whether you are getting closer to getting what you want (see what I did there?).

Unshakeable. Build a foundation that is unshakeable.

What to do when what You are Doing Isn’t Working. Briefly touches on what to do after you take the first step toward a new goal.

Whose Fault is It? Takes a candid look at taking responsibility for your life and your choices.

Why Change is so Darn Hard and 4 Ways You Can Increase Your Likelihood of Success. I’ll see if you can guess what this one is about if all you know is the title!



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