A Clean Business is a Productive Business

There are plenty of things you, as a business owner, can do to increase business and many of those things are not as obvious as you might think. Pouring more money into advertising, revamping your website, stepping up your online presence – these are all ways you can increase business. One thing you might not think to do is simply to clean up the place. It is easy to become complacent about what your business looks like. If it isn’t aesthetically pleasing it can be costing you in big ways. Allowing your business environment to become messy or stale, can turn people off to your service/product.

Even regular customers may be reluctant to spend more money and/or time if your business is cluttered, unkempt, or outdated. The underlying message is one of apathy, and if customers think you don’t care about how you present your business, they might also think you don’t care all that much about them.

A business that is unclean (including thick layers of dust on the plants or in the corners), has torn carpets, and bugs in the ceiling lights can make customers uneasy. After all, if your establishment is not clean, what else might you not be keeping up with? Even having outdated bulletin boards in which the articles, pictures, and information have not been changed for months, can hurt your business. And customers will not always vocalize their concerns.


In addition, letting the work environment slide can be de-motivating for employees. For one thing, employees also get to see the ‘back room’ – the part of your business that customers do not see. A messy stock room or break room and front end can create ineffective and unproductive employees.

Bottom line: cleanliness should be part of your company policies. You have employees who are being paid to work for you. Part of that should include cleaning the facility when they are not working with customers.



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